Sunday, May 2, 2010

Madyson Jamison Heir to Grandfathers Estate: Uncle is Executor: Bobbie Jamison Cut out of Will

The story of the missing Jamison family from Oklahoma just got stranger. Bobby Jamison, his wife Sherilynn and their daughter Madyson have been missing since October 8, 2009. Bobby Jamison appears to have been embroiled in a dispute with his father, who died in December.

 Bobby and Sherilynn Jamison

The Jamison family, residents of Eufaula, Oklahoma, went to look at property in Latimer County, and haven't been seen since. Their truck was found with "a substantial amount of money" inside, along with their dog, which was barely alive.

NewOK reports today that Bobby Jamison's father omitted his son from his will. In May 2009, Bobby filed a lawsuit against his father, claiming he had worked for his father for years and was promised he would inherit half-interest of the business. Bobby Jamison tried to get a protective order against his father, but the request was denied.

In October 2009, the family vanished. In December, the father of Bobby Jamison, Bobby Dean Jamison died. Bobby Dean left his estate to his granddaughter, Madyson, and appointed his older brother - Madyson's uncle, Jack Jamison of Sallisaw, OK executor. NewsOK says  Jack Jamison has been questioned by the FBI and Latimer County Sheriff Israel Beauchamp.

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