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Barney Frank Ashamed to be Jewish: What Frank Could Say From His Congressional Podium

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) joined the tirade against Israel for the deaths on the Terror Flotilla, and called for an impartial inquiry - as if such a thing is possible. Frank went beyond the Flotilla, criticizing Israel's treatment of Arabs and the settlements in the West Bank, both of which "as a Jew," make him "ashamed." No surprise here, really. Many Jews in America seem to be ashamed to be Jewish, and they certainly seem to be ashamed of Israel. It's one of the great mysteries of my lifetime. Outside of Israel, Jews savage those inside Israel. See a video below.

Barney Frank's comment doesn't warrant much attention. He's another Congressional Clown. He sits ensconced in prestige with access to plenty of podiums from which to speak, and when he gets to a mic, he rails against Israelis who protect the homeland - every single day.

As a congressman, I think of the ways Barney Frank might help support Israel:

From the podium always available to Barney Frank, think how he could educate Americans, and the world, on the truth about Israeli borders, about the land assigned by the League of Nations, about the Mandates for forming the Nation of Israel, and about the friendship between the British and the Mufti of Jerusalem - and how, because of that friendship, Israel was forced to accept a tiny slice of land, just minutiae compared to what should have been theirs.

From the podium always available to Barney Frank, he could explain to the world that "Palestinians" are not a "people." Palestinians were Philistines, Mediterraneans, which came to the area. They were not Arabs. Arabs are not Palestinians. No one proclaimed to be a Palestinian. No one is a Palestinian. Only when Israel began their statehood, did the Arab campaign begin to claim the unclaimed land and name it Palestine, or to call for it's 'being.'

From the podium always available to Barney Frank, he could explain the various Charters and Constitutions of Israel's next door neighbors:
Fatah Constitution Articles 12 and 19: Calls for the "complete eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence. Armed struggle is a strategy and not a tactic. Armed Revolution is a decisive factor in...uprooting the Zionist existence, this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished...
The PLO Charter Article 15 calls for the "liquidation of the Zionist presence" in Palestine.
The Hamas Charter calls for jihad, and jihad as the duty of every Moslem
From the podium always available to Barney Frank, he could explain the numerous times Israel has agreed to a two-state solution, IF Arabs agree to eliminate the clauses about Jewish extermination from their Constitutions and Charters. "Arabs" always refuse.

There are approximately 44 Jewish members of the 111th Congress. They are ALL Democrats except Republican Eric Cantor. All Democrats, folks, and we hear no real support for Israel coming out of Capitol Hill. Eric Cantor is continually denigrated by his Hill peers, and by the press, for working for the safety of Israel. No other Jews climbs to that podium to echo Cantor's call. However, many non-Jewish Republicans do.

I am embarrassed that Barney Frank is an American Congressman. I am embarrassed that Barack Obama is our president, and embarrassed that he has shunned Benjamin Netanyahu over and over. I suppose when the jihad comes, Frank thinks they will pat him on the back and ask him to share their evening prayer rug. One thing for certain, he doesn't care what Islam plans for Jews in Israel. In the video below,  Barney Frank explains his position. Thanks to RightPundits for the video. Check-out their excellent round-up of Barney posts. If anyone can explain why Jews outside of Israel, continually savage Jews inside Israel, please enlighten me.

Barney Frank Ashamed to be Jewish (video)

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