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John Brennan Exposed - Again and Again! Brennan Denigrates "Opportunity" of West

John Brennan, Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterrorism is caught once again shilling for the enemy and making al-Qaeda and jihad the victim. Not only is he caught and publicly exposed by the Washington Times, Brennan is furious about it - so furious that he challenges the Washington Times saying some terrorists have the opportunity to become "Westerners." Brennan talks about the arrogance of calling the West an "opportunity."  Talk about arrogance, Brennan has sooommmme arrogance and sooommmme loathing of Western liberty in this contentious video below.

John Brennan

This story has a few layers. A June 11th editorial at the Washington Times said a Brennan speech in May 2010 made "Terrorists the real victim?". Brennan said
Mr. Brennan also asserted that "violent extremists" are victims of "political, economic and social forces." This dense statement implies that counterterrorism should focus not on terrorists themselves but the underlying causes that purportedly "victimized" them.... Making terrorists into victims also legitimates their grievances, which is a strange way to fight them....
Mr. Brennan also has been waging his own crusade on jihad. He claims "jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one's community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children....." But jihad also can mean the violent struggle against non-Muslims for the defense or extension of the Islamic faith, something known as the "lesser jihad," which to the United States is the greater threat... 
Mr. Brennan's view of Islam as a universally benign force may lead him to dismiss some of al Qaeda's justifications for violence, which reveals willful ignorance. He may maintain that he knows more about Islam than our enemies, but they are dying to prove him wrong.
Days after the Underpants Bomber failed to scorch his scrotum, but failed to bring down the airliner, CNN's Gloria Borger interviewed Brennan. Brennan's scrotum was likely scorched a bit as well, as she claimed six government agencies had pertinent information about the almost-bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Brennan received a security briefing from Saudia Arabia specifically to warn him about bombers with bombs sewed into their underwear...and specifically from Yemen.

Brennan argued to put the Underpants Bomber in a civilian court with full protections of an American, rather than military, saying the U.S. can get him to talk by offering him A PLEA DEAL.

One more story about Brennan: In early January 2010, former head of the CIA, Michael Scheuer, accused Brennan of a career mainly consisting of "ass-kissing." I posted the videos here, but, no surprise...they've been removed from history of he Obama administration.

On August 20th, Washington Times writer Kerry Picket declares the White House wrong on terrorism...again. Speaking to reporters in Martha's Vineyard, Brennan talked about the release of Megrahi, the Lockerbie Bomber from a Scottish prison, and said that early release was "wrong." Nevermind that his boss, Barack Obama played an integral part in sending Megrahi home to Libya to live infinitum with his family after killing 190 Americans, many of whom were college students.

Unfortunately for Brennan, David Mastio, the Washington Times deputy editorial page editor was among those reporters. Here is an example of how the media might actually be a force for good in the U.S. Ed Driscoll at PajamasMedia also has the story. See the transcript below the video.

John Brennan Exposed by the Washington Times

Video Transcript:

TWT: The concern that I have is your comments that we misrepresented you in the editorial, and what I understand the concern is about whether you described terrorists as victims. Is that?
BRENNAN: Yes, it was the one reference you made.
TWT: We have a copy of your speech here from whitehouse.gov, which I assume is the correct speech and the way I read this, and I think the plain English reading is : ‘This includes addressing the political, economic and social forces that can make some people fall victim to the cancer of violent extremism.’
BRENNAN: Right...victim to the cancer of violent extremism. Victim to that cancer as opposed to...
TWT: But, you’re not talking about dead bodies here. You’re talking about the people who fall under the sway of the terrorist ideology and...
TWT: ...and commit acts of terror.
BRENNAN: Absolutely...as you say fall under the sway of, and what you say in your editorial was that ‘the terrorists are victims of political, economic, and social forces.’ That is not what I said.
TWT: That’s exactly what you said.
BRENNAN:That is not exactly what I said.
TWT: Immediately afterwards, you start talking about how you’re going to address this, and you say that ‘we need to show that legitimate grievances can be resolved, that we need to have good governance, that we need to reduce corruption, we need to renew partnerships and improve education, health, and basic services.
BRENNAN: Right, but don’t you think those are worth while endeavors? And don’t you think that some factors do contribute to the spawning of terrorists and extremist forces?
TWT: You’re saying that the people who are terrorists are victims of these things.
BRENNAN: I didn’t say that. Read what I said literally
TWT: We did read what you said.
BRENNAN: And you still don’t get it...do you?
TWT: No. Particularly since, if my knowledge of history is anything, that the terrorists who strike us over and over again are not people who are victims of these things. They are people who have the opportunity to become westerners. They are people who have the opportunity to...
BRENNAN: Opportunity to become westerners?!?! Boy if that is not an arrogant attitude. Opportunities to become westerners...people who strike us wherever they’re from?
TWT: People who are so oppressed, that they have college educations at western schools. People who are so oppressed that people that they have middle class lifestyles even in that places that they come from that are poor.
BRENNAN: Right. They are ideologically driven by a perverse and distorted version of Islam. Absolutely.
TWT: That has nothing to do with their social situation. Their social situation is just fine.
BRENNAN: So you don’t think that people who become ideologically driven are influenced at all by the political, social, and economic forces of their environment? You’re saying that they do this irrespective of their environment...of those social, political, and economic forces that are out there?
TWT: You’re not accurately describing their environment.

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