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Roman Polanski Denied Bail: Polanski High Flight Risk - The Swiss Get it!

Roman Polanski has been denied bail from his Swiss prison. The Swiss get it! The man is wanted for rape, sodomy and drugging the 13-year-old girl. What's not to get? See update 10-23-09  11-26-09 below - Polanski gets bail.

Roman Polanski

This report say Polanski is seen as a "high risk of flight." No kidding. This man who has admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old has been on the run for 31 years, and protected in France where he has lived freely with his wife and children.
He [Folco Galli - Swiss justice ministry spokesman] said the risk was too great for the government to accept bail or other security measures in exchange for the release of the filmmaker.
His [Polanski's] legal representatives are also asking Switzerland's highest criminal court to free Polanski. Mr Galli said the justice ministry has submitted a letter to the tribunal explaining why it opposes release even on bail.

Two former Zurich prosecutors have said Polanski stands a minimal chance of an immediate release.
Update 10-23-09:
The U.S. has filed a formal request for Polanski's extradition from Switzerland to the U.S. and the Swiss have acknowledged receipt.
If extradition is considered admissible, Mr. Polanski will have the option of appealing the decision before the Federal Criminal Court and the Federal Supreme Court as the court of last instance.

A Swiss court earlier this week rejected Mr. Polanski's appeal to be released on house arrest, raising the likelihood that he would remain in jail pending legal proceedings over his possible extradition.
Update 11-26-09:
Roman Polanski was granted bail in the Swiss courts after a $4.49 million bail deposit, full surrender of his passport and travel documents to the Zurich police, and the donning of an electronic ankle bracelet. Polanski will spend his time guessing whether or not the Swiss will send him packing back to the U.S. to receive his punishment for the assault on Samantha Geimer, all cozied up in a Swiss chalet known as the "Milky Way." He will be confined to house arrest inside the luxury $1.6 million Alpine abode:
Even without stepping outside, Polanski's life will improve from the small detention cell he had in Zurich with a sink, toilet, television and storage compartment.

Gstaad (pronounced guh-SHTAHD) offers a range of quality restaurants and hotels, and "people here can order food to their chalets any time," said Marlene Mueller of the local tourism agency.

From the gourmet shop Pernet Comestibles, fine food such as fresh oysters, Swiss cheeses and a range of whiskies and wine can be delivered.
And, even though Polanski may now be the world's most famous fugitive, most locals are likely to leave him alone.

Read the details about Roman Polanski and his victim, Samantha Geimer:

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