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Whoopie Goldberg Roman Polanski: Polanski Geimer "not rape rape"

The ladies of The View discussed Roman Polanski and his rape of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer when Polanski was 45-years-old, about 31 years ago. Polanski has been self-exiled in France to escape prison since his guilty plea in 1977. Whoopie Goldberg led the charge in defense of Polanski. In this instance, Polanski's rape was not "rape rape." See video below.
See update 11-26-09 below - Polanski gets bail. See 1-23-10 update below.

Whoopi Goldberg

Goldberg says that Roman Polanski and 13-year-old Samantha Geimer were having sex before Polanski drugged the girl with a Quaalude, Champagne, and raped and sodomized her. Whoopie believes this is not statutory rape - because after all, they were having sex before the drugs and rape and sodomy. It was not "rape rape," Whoopie says. Whoopie focuses on the fact that Roman Polanski ONLY pled guilty to having sex with a minor. What she misses is that that sex with a minor is statutory rape, which is actually "rape rape." Whoopie mentions this:
We are a "different kind of society. We see things differently. The world sees 13-year-olds and 14-year-olds - in the rest of Europe, they're seen - often times...not everybody agrees with the way we see things. She asks, would I want my 14-year-old having sex with someone? Not necessarily, she says. [Notice she didn't mention being 13-years-old]
The ladies of The View take a few minutes to excoriate Samatha's mother, which is okay for conversation, but it has nothing to do with Roman Polanski's degree of guilt. An important note: I don't know that Samantha Geimer admitted to having sex with Polanski before this rape. Maybe she did and maybe she didn't. Whichever, it is still rape, because by law, a 13-year-old girl cannot consent to the unlawful act of sex with a minor.

If Whoopie doesn't "necessarily" want sex at age 14 for her daughter, she leaves the door open for that early sex to be okay, depending, I guess on the circumstances...maybe a rich and powerful older man? Maybe that would make it okay? If Goldberg wants to posture about "rape rape," I suggest she try to change the laws. Until then, please, spare us the rhetoric about Europe.

Is it now "sophisticated" among adults to know their young girls are having sex with rich and powerful men? God help us and please, help the girls.

We now have an Obama Safe School Czar, Kevin Jennings, who believes that 15-year-old boys should be cautioned, only, to use a condom with sex with an older man. Jennings was a teacher. He did not advise the boy to stop the relationship, or tell authorities about it. He only advised him to use a condom.

Sex with a 15-year-old boy is statutory rape. Do we ignore that early sex for underage children, both male and female, can be medically dangerous? I would love to see the women in Hollywood who are outraged about Roman Polanski's arrest, reborn and living in Saudi Arabia for about 17 years, after which they escape and are doomed to live in a Muslim community somewhere in Britain.

IN SUMMARY: I don't frequent the "Hollywood" sites other than an occasional visit to Rotten Tomatoes to get a quick film review, BUT I found a site that identifies itself as a "film site," and has a little red I.D.: Trade News. Dustin Rowles writes this piece and I am encouraged. Talking about some 110 film industry figures signing a petition in support of Polanski, Rowles says:
To that I say: F**k them. I don’t care how long ago it was, or how celebrated a filmmaker Polanski has become since: Dude drugged, raped, and sodomized an a 13-year-old girl. There’s a reason that the statute of limitations doesn’t run out on rape. Because it’s rape. It’s a vile, horrific crime, and for Polanski to suggest that he’s already been served his punishment is preposterous. He’s lived it up for three decades; he’s continued to be an honored filmmaker; and he’s made some great films that, perhaps, should’ve never been made.
Sing it all together now: HuRRAY for Holl-ey-wood. This is a good piece. I hope you'll read it all at Scathing Reviews. Bitchy People. [love that name, love it, love it].

Update 11-26-09:
Roman Polanski was granted bail in the Swiss courts after a $4.49 million bail deposit, full surrender of his passport and travel documents to the Zurich police, and the donning of an electronic ankle bracelet. Polanski will spend his time guessing whether or not the Swiss will send him packing back to the U.S. to receive his punishment for the assault on Samantha Geimer, all cozied up in a Swiss chalet known as the "Milky Way." He will be confined to house arrest inside the luxury $1.6 million Alpine abode:
Even without stepping outside, Polanski's life will improve from the small detention cell he had in Zurich with a sink, toilet, television and storage compartment.

Gstaad (pronounced guh-SHTAHD) offers a range of quality restaurants and hotels, and "people here can order food to their chalets any time," said Marlene Mueller of the local tourism agency.

From the gourmet shop Pernet Comestibles, fine food such as fresh oysters, Swiss cheeses and a range of whiskies and wine can be delivered.
And, even though Polanski may now be the world's most famous fugitive, most locals are likely to leave him alone.

Update 1-23-10:
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