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Amy Bishop is Univ Alabama Shooter? Univ of Alabama Huntsville Shooter is Amy Bishop?

Dr. Amy Bishop is alleged to be the shooter at University of Alabama at Huntsville today. Three faculty are dead, two faculty are in critical condition, and one staff member is in stable condition. See 2-13-10 update below.

The woman in pink is believed to be Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop was taken into custody outside the building. She is a Harvard-educated neurobiologist who was hired at the school in 2003. Bishop's husband, Jim Anderson is reportedly in custody also.
Erin Johnson, a sophomore and a student aide, told the Huntsville Times there was a biology faculty meeting under way when she heard screams coming from the room.

University police secured the building and students were cleared from it. There was still a heavy police presence on campus Friday night, with police tape cordoning off the main entrance to the university.
Bishop, a biology professor at the University, reportedly was upset over being denied tenure. The shootings took place in Shelby Center in a third-floor conference room. She was attending a meeting and opened fire. No students were involved and no student were hit by gunfire.

The couple developed a "portable cell incubator" and won $25,000 and placed third in a state competition. He is believed to be the science officer of Cherokee Labsystems in Huntsville. Her work at the school focused on the role of gases, especially nitrous oxide, on the central nervous system.

This from NationalPost:
Her lab was working on the development of a "neural computer," the "Neuristor," which would use living neurons—taken either from stem cells or fish.

She also developed the InQ, a "precision instrument designed to increase the precision and consistency of cell growth in laboratory experimentation."

Dr. Bishop has numerous articles in journals to her credit, including studies in the International Journal of General Medicine and Toxicology.

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Update 2-13-10 8:30 AM EST:
A Huntsville website reports there is no change in the status of the wounded, but the hospital will give an update later today.

New York Daily News is reporting that Bishop screamed, as she was apprehended:
"It didn't happen. There's no way...they are still alive.
Dr. Davis' husband told the AP that his wife told him she was in a meeting to discuss the tenure of a faculty member, and described that person as:
...not being able to deal with reality" and "not as good as she thinks she is."
A student described Bishop with no unusual behavior in class the morning of the shootings but said Bishop is "very weird," and "a really big nerd:"
She's well-known on campus, but I wouldn't say she's a good teacher. I've heard a lot of complaints," Bennett said. "She's a genius, but she really just can't explain things."
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