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Grace Rwaramba is Michael Jacksons Childrens Nanny

Some news outlets are reporting that Michael Jackson may have planned for his children's nanny, Grace Rwaramba, to raise his children in the event he was unable to do so. But is Grace Rwaramba Michael Jackson's children's Nanny? Reports are mixed. Updates below. See new update on Paris Jackson's paternity below.

Grace Rwaramba
In 2006, the UK Daily Mail reported that the Jackson children call Ms. Rwaramba "Mom." This particular article seems to be inaccurate on at least one level, seeing wedding bells in the near future for the two...in 2006. This report says that she was married at the time to Stacey Adair but that they have not lived together, and that she is "religious."

In a rare public utterance, she was asked about who was behind the accusations of abuse against her employer. 'Satan, the devil,' she said. While the rest of the world is perturbed by the accounts of Jackson regularly sleeping in the same bed as ten and 11-year-old boys, there is no doubt in her mind that he is a complete innocent.

She and Bain [Jackson spokeswoman] have been behind recent changes in manager, lawyer and record label, and the two of them firmly believe that he can and will make a comeback to the spotlight when the time is right.

MISS Rwaramba has returned to Bible study, and is believed to be a Jehovah's Witness again, as he is. She is entrusted with feeding the children, and shares his obsessive concerns about sterility and cleanliness. 'Everything is done Grace's way,' says an observer.

Other reports from 2007 and Fall 2008 saying that Grace has Lupus and needed Michael's help, both spiritually and financially, are unconfirmed. At this time, there is only one thing known: Grace Rwaramba is Michael Jackson's children's Nanny...or was. Update 6-28-09 News of the World New of the World is considered a "tabloid" in the U.K., so take this with a grain of salt, although the speculation has long been floating around. Of Jackson's first two children with Debbie Rowe, she allegedly said this:
Debbie said she was "impregnated" like one of the thoroughbred mares she now keeps on her property, adding: "I was just the vessel. It wasn't Michael's sperm.
There are many direct quotes, allegedly from Rowe in the above article.
Paris Jackson - Prince Jackson, I
Update 6-28-09: The MirrorUK is reporting (and perhaps speculating) that Michael Jackson's children prefer to live with Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson. This article says that Debbie Rowe "is considering revealing Jackson's darkest secrets in a no-holds-barred book if she doesn't get custody..." Deepak Chopra, said to be a close friend of MJ's, introduced the nanny, Grace Rwaramba, to Michael. Chopra doubts that Grace will try to get custody of the children, although she is the only woman, alledgedly, that they have called "Mom." And this:
A Jackson associate said:"Michael constantly let people down when it came to money. He kept them hanging on by promising to pay his debts. "Now it's open season for the people he burned."
The same article says that an "unknown European" was the surrogate for Jackson's third child, Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson. Update 6-29-09: Grace Rwaramba had ties to the Nation of Islam Update 6-29-09: Grace Rwaramba was in London when Michael died. She indicates in this article that Michael fired her after she attempted an "intervention" with one of his sisters and his mother. This is a revealing article, if true, about pumping his stomach, often, about his spending and what happened when the family called to tell her of Michael's death. Read it here. Read background on Michael Jackson's children here. Related: Mark Lester Paris Jackson's Dad: Godfather Lester Claims Paternity - New 8-8-09 Geraldo on Michael Jackson, and Jackson Handlers: Joe Jackson Speaks on Who is Responsible for Michael's Death Arnold Klein is Bio Dad of Michael Jackson's Children? Michael Jackson had Lupus? John Branca, John McCalin are Michael Jackson Estate Executors Cherilyn Lee is Michael Jackson's Nutritionist Nurse Rowe Jackson Not Bio Parents of Jackson Children? Jackson Children Egg and Sperm Donors Unknown Jackson Nanny Grace Rwaramba: Grace Has Ties With Nation of Islam? Jackson Couldn't Sing House of Representatives Weird Tribute: Michael Jackson's "Big Heart" Remembered Grace Rwaramba is Michael Jackson's Children's Nanny The Best of Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson Before the Weird and Freakish Debbie Rowe is Michael Jackson's Childrens Mother (Photos)

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