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Jackson Nanny Grace Rwaramba: Grace Has Ties With Nation of Islam? Jackson Couldn't Sing

Remember when the Nation of Islam became Michael Jackson's security detail and we were all thinking...what's a Witness (yes, he was raised as a Jehovah's Witness) doing surrounded by the Nation of Islam? It was about a year-and-a-half-ago that London papers screamed the news of Michael Jackson's Islamic conversion...following in the footsteps of his brother Jermaine...or was it Grace...or did it happen at all? See updates below. See update on Paris Jackson's paternity below.

Nanny Grace Rwaramba
Ian Halperin at the UK Mail Online says Nanny Grace Rwaramba had ties to the militant Nation of Islam. With her help, he embraced Louis Farrakhan and Leonard Muhammad, Farrakhan's son to the position of "business manager" for awhile. After the child molestation trial, Jackson moved to Bahrain, then Dubai and wore women's Arab dress and some say, even used the women's toilets. Now what is a good Arab man to think about that?
Forbes had an article up this week "Arab world mourns Michael Jackson." It seems the Muslim world loves Michael because of the possibility that he converted to Islam, but what about all those infidel-like ways of Michael's. Doesn't anyone read the Koran????? Halperin's article is ripe: 1) Jackson could no longer sing due to a genetic lung condition 2) Jackson has worn a wig for years because his hair was so thin. 3) Jackson is definitely homosexual and had his trists often This is a revealing article that rings of the truth from someone who seems to have an inside connection to Michael Jackson, his family and others surrounding him. Most of it, you and I could have pondered only a moment or two, woven our own story and had it turn out exactly like Halperin's because none of it is far-fetched. I was shocked, however, to consider that Jackson could no longer sing, but it makes sense whether he had a genetic condition or because he abused himself physically for so many years. And who wouldn't guess that he wore wigs? Fifty-year-old hair doesn't "shine" like his usually did, and hair with African DNA doesn't hang straight and swingy, as did Michael's. Halperin seems to be a U.K. celebrity reporter and Michael Jackson's biographer - unofficial biographer, I'm guessing. Halperin is the man who famously predicted that Michael Jackson would be dead in six months - that was six months and one day before Michael Jackson died. Update 6-29-09: A reader points out that Grace Rwaramba has denied introducing MJ to the Nation of Islam. Related: Mark Lester Paris Jackson's Dad: Godfather Lester Claims Paternity - New 8-8-09 Geraldo on Michael Jackson, and Jackson Handlers: Joe Jackson Speaks on Who is Responsible for Michael's Death Arnold Klein is Bio Dad of Michael Jackson's Children? Michael Jackson had Lupus? John Branca, John McCalin are Michael Jackson Estate Executors Cherilyn Lee is Michael Jackson's Nutritionist Nurse Rowe Jackson Not Bio Parents of Jackson Children? Jackson Children Egg and Sperm Donors Unknown Jackson Nanny Grace Rwaramba: Grace Has Ties With Nation of Islam? Jackson Couldn't Sing House of Representatives Weird Tribute: Michael Jackson's "Big Heart" Remembered Grace Rwaramba is Michael Jackson's Children's Nanny The Best of Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson Before the Weird and Freakish Debbie Rowe is Michael Jackson's Childrens Mother (Photos)

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