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Geraldo Michael Jackson Handlers: Joe Jackson Handlers Responsible for Michaels Death

Geraldo tonight is breaking news in the Michael Jackson story. According to Geraldo, he spoke by phone with both Katherine and Joe Jackson about 30 minutes ago. Joe Jackson has a suspicion about who is responsible for his son's death. See update on Paris Jackson's paternity below.

Joe Jackson - Michael Jackson

Disclaimer: The following is live-blogging. I make no guarantees of accuracy.

Geraldo's FOX show on August 1, 2009
did not want her voice recorded but allegedly told Geraldo that stories about Joe Jackson, her husband and Michael's father, not being allowed in Katherine's home (known as "The Compound,") are not true. Katherine and Joe are not estranged. Joe is not kept away from any of the children in the family, including Michael's children. She said the stories that Michael was abused by his father 39 years ago are not true. Michael was spanked by Joe but never beaten. Later it was said that Joe "strapped" Michael when he was young.

Then Joe Jackson came on the phone and we can hear his voice. He says he believes Dr. Conrad Murray is the "fall guy." He believes some one or some ones "high up in the food chain" in the handlers, who I believe is AEG, brought about the death of Michael. Joe Jackson did not say how AEG would have done this. Joe told Geraldo to "read between the lines." Joe said "they are afraid." Geraldo asked "who is afraid." Joe said "why did they have O.D. insurance." [Is this overdose insurance - I don't know and it was not explained.] Joe asked "why did they pay him American dollars...should have be pounds." [Perhaps a reference to the London concert planners???]

Joe said Michael was sacrificed on the alter of profit." "Sacrificed for money." Joe said "Michael was afraid." Either Geraldo or Joe said "handlers killed him." Jackson did not die in his own bedroom. He died in a 2nd story bedroom. It was said to be Dr. Conrad Murray's storage room. Geraldo and Joe Jackson signed off the phone mentioning an appointment at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

A first guest on Geraldo's show (sorry, could not get his name): He described the bedroom where Michael died. There was an "ambubag air pump" at the end of the bed. "Ambubag" may be misspelled. An ambubag air pump forces air through a mask into a patient's lungs to keep the patient alive. The ambubag had been used. An incontinence sheet was on the bed, speculated to catch fluids, perhaps blood.

There were Arabic prayer beads on the bed. The show guest says he has photos of Michael wearing the prayer beads recently. The guest said there is speculation about the London concerts. Maybe the concerts were never going to take place at all, he said. I believe a second guest came on at this point. I cannot identify the guest. He said that AEG has either claimed there is a conspiracy theory against them, or he speculated that is what AEG will say. After the guest, someone on the show said that the bedroom was extremely clean.

Al Sharpton came on. He said Michael told him he was afraid. Michael did not tell Sharpton why he was afraid. Geraldo's brother (I think Craig) came on by remote. He had search warrants for Conrad Murray's home. Drugs and aliases for Michael were searched for and found. Craig interviewed a doctor. I think it was previously taped. I believe it was Michael's plastic surgeon, but I did not get the name.

This doctor said that Michael became addicted in 1993. He said that Dr. Arnold Klein and his nurse, Debbie Rowe, began ejecting Demerol to Michael. By 1997, this doctor believes that Dr. Klein had administered Propofol to Michael numerous times. According to all reports, Michael died of a Propofol injection. This plastic surgeon believes that Dr. Klein taught Dr. Conrad Murray to administer Propofol to Michael. The plastic surgeon said he believed Dr. Murray has told the police about Dr. Klein and has plead-down (to a lower crime) for giving up information about Dr. Arnold Klein. Geraldo then announced that Dr. Conrad Murray had just entered a plea.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm blogging this live. Please do not consider anything a direct quote. It might be direct but I cannot guarantee it. They said it, and I tried to word process it. Somewhere after the first guest, a second guest I cannot identify came on.


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