Monday, December 7, 2009

Elin Moves to House No. 2? Elin Woods Leaves Tiger Woods? Tigers Wife Moves Out?

Last week I posted on a possible Windermere house No. 2 belonging to Tiger and Elin Woods - around the corner from Elin and Tiger Woods house and driveway - the one from which he backed into the fire hydrant and then surged forward to hit the neighbors tree. 12-13-09 update below - see link to Jamie Jungers and Tiger's father.

Tiger's Windermere House No. 2?

Today, this report says that Elin has moved out of their primary residence. The sources say she is living nearby. So could this be the house I mentioned last week?

Elin Woods

House No. 2, said to belong to the Woods, and said to have a red Buick SUV in the driveway on the day this photo was snapped, with a baby stroller parked outside, had some activity last week.

If House No. 2 does belong to the Woods, I asked last week, could Elin be living there? I don't think Tiger would be in residence by himself, because surely Elin would not leave her children in this raunchy guy's care.

It could have been Tiger's mother, or Elin's mother, staying Windermere House No. 2 last week. An eyewitness account said both mothers "emerged" from the Woods' home as they awaited an ambulance for Tiger.

 What if Tiger owned the house and Elin didn't know about it? Maybe the house was used for the rendezvous with Mindy Lawton. She told reporters that she and Tiger got it on in the driveway of his home.

Whatever the story, it makes sense for Tiger's wife to move out...if she has.

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