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Hugh Wiggins Patrick Gonzalez? Wiggins Fingers Cab Tice Patrick Gonzalez: Hugh Wiggins Bud Billings

Hugh Wiggins says Cab Tice offered Patrick Gonzalez $20,000 to kill Byrd Bud Billings, and he knew about the hit as early as March 2009 before the June murders of Billings and his wife, Melanie.

Hugh Wiggins

Wiggins said that Gonzalez expected up to a million dollars ripe for the taking at the home of the Billings when the murders occurred, making the hit far more profitable than the miserly sum of $20,000.

At one point, Wiggins says Gonzalez hounded him to the point that he agreed to take part in the hit. Wiggens says he left town, and oh woe, his wife Pamela Wiggins helped Patrick Gonzalez hide evidence of the murders in her (their) own backyard, loaned him a car, and maybe participated in his getaway. Hugh Wiggins just didn't understand why Pamela would take the chance when there was no certainty that big money would be found on the property. Afterall, he opined, it wasn't like hitting a bank armored vehicle known to have money on board. Nothing about murdering another human being - murdering two humans, gave the man any remorse.

Wiggins could have stopped the murders and chose not too. Now, he will skate any serious prison time because he cooperated with authorities.

Here is the transcript from WEARTV:
Channel Three's Dan Thomas has been combing through evidence and joins us now with more.

Hugh Wiggins says he knew as early as March that there was a contract on Bud Billings's life.

As it turned out, the gun used to murder Bud and Melanie was owned by Hugh Wiggins.

But so far, he hasn't been charged with anything.

That's because just days after the murders, he got a deal from the state attorney's office and came clean.

- Hugh Wiggins/Person of Interest: "This is what I know."
- Lee Tyree/Investigator: "Then tell me everything."
- Wiggins: "Everything involves more than just this."
- Tyree: "Then tell me more than just this, let's go."

Hugh Wiggins says it started with a contract Patrick Gonzalez, Jr. accepted to murder Bud Billings.

- Tyree: "And who is it that he said gave him the contract?"
- Wiggins: "He told me that Cab Tice put the contract out for $20 grand."
- Tyree: "So you were told he was going to be paid 20 grand to take out the Billings? I'm assuming?"
- Wiggins: "Him."
- Tyree: "Him? Mr. Billings?"
- Wiggins: "Mr. Billings.

He claimed that local car dealer Cab Tice and perhaps others wanted Bud Billings dead because they were tired of paying back loans he had made them, then he added this:

- Wiggins: "The people that are involved in this are not nice people by any stretch of the imagination. If what I think is true, then these people are very very bad people."
- Tyree: "Well go ahead, then... "
- Wiggins: "Mexican Mafia."

Wiggins says Patrick Gonzalez expected over a million dollars to be in the Billings home because they believed Bud Billings was laundering money for the Mexican Mafia.

But Wiggins says he told Gonzalez to forget it and concentrate on his karate business, but Wiggins says Gonzalez wouldn't let it go.

Wiggins: "He kept hammering on me about the money and you know he said all will be good man everything will be good. I said fine, I'll do it."

But the night of the murders, Wiggins was out of town and says he returned to find out his wife Pam Wiggins had been involved against his wishes.

Wiggins: "The risk is way too high. For something you don't even know that you're going to return. It's not like doing an armored car or a bank where you know they got money."

In fact Wiggins did tell investigators he knew about a bank robbery he says was committed by Patrick Gonzalez.

We'll have the video from the bank robbery tonight at 10.

As for his wife Pam Wiggins, she faces thirty years in prison if she's convicted as an accomplice after the fact.
There are many videos of Hugh Wiggins talking to investigators. In the first, he tells them the whole thing is "messing up his world." Again no thought of the two dead people and 9 needy children, at least, without a parent. Start the video series here.

Hugh Wiggins Interrogation (video)

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