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Tiger Wood Elin Wood Prenup Rewrite? Elin Woods New Bank Account?

The latest saga of Tiger Woods, his wife, his children and his women, seems to be all about rewrites of the prenup between Tiger and Elin, and Elin's newly fortressed private bank account - belonging only to her, with some number in the 7-figures. Update 12-03-09 Juicy Update below. Latest Update 12-5-09 below. Update 12-13-09 Florida Department of Child and Families visits the Woods? below.

Tiger Woods and Elin Woods

The new bank account constitutes Elin's agreement to stay with her husband, I suppose. This report says that she has also demanded, and is getting, a total rewrite of her prenuptial agreement.

The original prenup allegedly said that the marriage must make it past 10 years for Elin to collect a divorce settlement of $20 million.
Under the rewritten agreement, the time frame has been shortened and the dollar amount increased "substantially," the newspaper reports.
 That prenup is likely more generous to Elin today.

The couple married on October 5, 2004 and are said to be in intense marital counseling at their Windermere home. Their first child Sam Alexis was born in June 2007 and their son Charlie Axel was born in February 2009.

Update 12-03-09:
TMZ is on Greta's On the Record: About Rachel Uchitel, TMZ says that Elin Woods actually spoke on the phone with Rache Uchitel after she grabbed the phone out of Tiger's hand, just before Tiger strode out of the house and wrecked the Escalade. According to TMZ, there is damage inside the Woods "vestibule."

TMZ says that Tiger and Rachel Uchitel talked on the telephone last night - Wednesday December 2nd.

Also saying that other women are coming out of the woodwork - and who knows if their stories are true.

Reports are that Elin Woods may get an immediate $5 million with another $55 million to stay with her raunchy husband for another 7 years.

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