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Tiger Woods Gatorade: Tiger Gatorade Bows Out: Tiger Focus Not a Focus

Gatorade has dropped sponsorship of Tiger Woods. That's Tiger sponsor No. 1. Who bows out next? Maybe no one. Forbes reports that the decision to terminate their sponsorship of a drink named Tiger Focus, was made before Woods ran over the fire hydrant and into a neighbor's tree. Beverage Digest announcement the decision on November 25th, two days before Tiger went ballistic. Update 12-11-09 Tag Heuer drops Tiger, below.

Tiger Gatorade

Turns out, Tiger Focus was less than 5 percent of Gatorade's volume and sales were down 34 percent through October. Tiger Focus was introduced to the public in March 2008.

This is turning out to be quite a gamble for Woods' sponsors. When only the first 3 women surfaced, I thought, everyone will stay with him, because if they do not, some one else will grab him up. Now that we are up to at least 9 infidelities, and maybe 11...and one may be a porn star, they have to be rethinking. The gamble is whether or not Tiger still has game. If he comes back in tournament play, Nike will still want to be in the camera shot when he putts-in on 18.

Tiger earned nearly $100 million in 2008 - only $7.7 million of it on the golf course. This from Golf.com:
Tiger Woods sports Nike clothing from head to toe, and with the exception of his putter, uses Nike clubs and balls. He signed a new multi-year deal with Nike in December 2006
The Gatorade Tiger deal, which the company now seems to be calling Tiger Focus, was signed in March 2008 and was reported to be a 5-year contract bringing Woods "as much as
$100 million. 

Tiger signed with Gillette as part of the "Champions" campaign, bringing him $10 - $20 million.

Tiger Woods Design pays him about $10 million per design. The company president is Byron Bell, Tiger's childhood friend and the person who purchased Rachle Uchitel's ticket to Australia and escorted her there to meet Tiger.

EA Sports:
Tiger Woods is also involved in the creation of the EA video game series Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Woods offers suggestions about game design and has his exact golf swing captured for use in the game. The details of his deal with EA are unknown.
In addition to sponsoring the WGC-Match Play Championship, Accenture also sponsors Tiger Woods. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.
In February, AT&T signed a deal with Tiger for an undisclosed amount to have their logo grace the superstar's bag.
Tag Heuer:
Not only can Tiger Woods be spotted wearing Tag Heuer's watches after tournaments, he was also involved in designing a lightweight style specifically for golfers.
NetJets, TLC Laser Eye Centers and Upper Deck are also current sponsors.

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