Monday, April 5, 2010

Joslyn James at Tigers Masters? Tigers Porn Star Strips at Pink Pony

One of the more disgusting of Tiger's women, Joslyn James, teases that she may show up at The Masters championship this weekend, and she would love to entertain you at The Pink Pony strip joint, about 50 miles away from the tournament.  Will she also be talking?

James' attorney, Gloria Allred, is having a lot of fun representing Joslyn, whose real name is Veronica-Swik-Daniels:
Now Aldred is suggesting that Joslyn James could be headed to Augusta, Ga to watch the golfer and confront him.  Can you imagine her standing at the 18th green on Sunday and screaming "I love you Tiger" in the middle of his back swing as he misses a crucial putt to lose the Masters.  Now that would be funny!
The Pink Pony plans to make a gazillion dollars on this one. Check the links below for more about Joslyn James and Tiger, and don't miss reports that this stripper is also a dead-beat Mom. This is just my opinion, but I don't think she has a prayer of making it into the gallery at Augusta.

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